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Each User Group is having its own planning regarding the meetups.

Usually one event is planned each month, each event is organized around the same template as an after-work session.

  • 18:00 Arrive, meet and greet.
  • 18:30 First presentation
  • 18:50 Break / SAS Sensei Challenge
  • 19:00 Second presentation
  • 19:20 Wrap-up and networking
  • 20:00 Official end of the meetup. Vacate to a nearby place to have some drinks and talk some more...

Planning by User Group

UK & Ireland

Upcoming Events

Previous Events

2023-05-04 - London SAS Meetup
2023-03-02 - What’s new in SAS9 Maintenance 8
2023-02-02 - SAS Solution Delivery - with SASjs

Belgium & Luxembourg




Upcoming Events