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Debut SAS User Group Germany Meetup in Berlin 🙌

Sep 14, 2018

Big thanks to everyone who came to the debut meetup of SAS User Group Germany last night! 19 curious SAS users from healthcare and financial industries came. We had fantastic talks about Lua and SAS® Stored Processes.


Rowland Hale opened up a session with a talk about Lua language integration in SAS, and we have a big discussion and comparison with old-fashioned SAS Macro. It was a totally groundbreaking experience to see a comparison of the performance in terms of CPU, i/o, memory usage, and WORK library size, which Nik made for PROC LUA and SAS Macro code using ESM.

The second talk was from guys from Boemska, where Allan Bowe showed the User Navigator and Data Controller, and gave us many tips on how to develop SAS Stored Process web applications. Nikola Markovic made a gentle introduction to SAS Metadata and explained how they simplify the process of development, testing and deployment of SAS Stored Process applications with h54s (which is an open sourced framework) and AppFactory. That was a truly interesting talk and demo from a business perspective as well as from a developer perspective.

Big thanks to the sponsors of the debut meetup – Syneos Health who gladly provided us with a venue and made this event possible, and SAS Germany who made this event even better by treating us with pizza and craft beer from a local Berlin brewery.

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Cheers and see you next time!